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    Second emergency Fed rate cut of 100 basis points sends an alarming signal

    The Fed's repeated interest rate cut this Sunday night by 100 basis points to a target corridor of 0 to 0.25% and the announcement of a balance sheet expansion of at least USD 700 million did not do much to calm the markets. Already in a first move, stock futures opened during the night with...
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    The week ahead in FX: 16-20 September 2019

    With the ECB behind us, it's all about the Federal Reserve's FOMC meeting on Wednesday, 18 September 2019. The FOMC is expected to follow the ECB and lower the Fed funds rate corridor by 25 basis points to 1.75-2.00% from 2.00-2.25% previously. This would obivously be welcomed by Donald Trump...
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    The week ahead in FX: 9-13 September 2019

    The main event of the coming week will be the European Central Bank's meeting on Thursday, 12 September. Mario Draghi is widely expected to announce a 10-15 basis point rate cut and perhaps even a renewed bond buying programme. These actions are far from certain, however, making Thursday a risky...