quantitative easing

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    Fed & ECB balance sheets vs. EURUSD

    Broad USD weakness has gone hand in hand with recent Fed QE (quantitative easing). Just look at the expansion of the Fed's balance sheet relative to that of the ECB. Fed QE is a strong driver, so the USD might continue to be on the weaker side until other central banks step up their QE...
  2. DM

    S&P 500 lower despite record support from the Federal Reserve

    After the interest rate cuts that have already been made and the support measures that have already been announced in recent days, the Federal Reserve has made an effort today not to leave any questions unanswered by taking out its bazooka. For as of today, the Fed is available for "unlimited"...
  3. DM

    An overview of worldwide rescue packages after a catastrophic stock market week

    Last week was brutal for the international financial markets. The MSCI World index closed 2.5% lower on Friday, losing over 12% for the second consecutive week. The broad Dow Jones Industrial Average was hit even harder with a weekly loss of 17%. The losses were modest in Europe, where all...
  4. DM

    ECB summary and implications for EUR/USD

    Without bragging too much, I'm happy to say Mario Draghi delivered most of what I had expected at today's ECB policy meeting, and more: Cut in the deposit rate by 10 basis points to -0.5% from -0.4%. Introduction of a two-tier system that exempts part of banks' excess liquidity from the...
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    Preparing for the ECB: Fixed income or fixed loss securities?

    Tomorrow will be an important day for investors in foreign exchange: In its most anticipated meeting in months, the European Central Bank is expected to announce a package of fresh stimulus measures, including another cut in its deposit rate, a renewal of its bond buying programme as well as a...