FX data analysis platform Tradefeedr partners with Goldman Sachs, UBS and XTX Markets


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Tradefeedr, the FX data analysis provider, announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Goldman Sachs, UBS and XTX Markets. The company was founded in 2018 by Balraj Bassi and Alexei Jiltsov. Tradefeedr differs from traditional FX data analysis companies, such as TCA providers, because it allows its users to share data amongst each other without revealing sensitive information and to have discussions on a shared platform or collaborate to build accepted benchmarks for their FX executions. Users of Tradefeedr can employ the data analysis tools to optimise their use of FX liquidity providers or algos.

UBS uses Tradefeedr to allow its customers to independently evaluate their algos. Similarly, Goldman Sachs also welcomes the transparency as it allows its buy-side clients to document that their best execution requirements have been met.

For more information on Tradefeedr, visit their website at http://tradefeedr.com.