Welcome to CurrencyManagers.com!


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Hi there and welcome to the CurrencyManagers.com discussion board! :)

I started this forum in September 2019 with the intention of bringing together professionals from the financial industry who deal with and manage currencies in one way or another. Academics and researchers are also encouraged to join as we love to discuss cutting-edge FX research. Finally, retail investors or those new to the foreign exchange market will find members at this forum to be very open and helpful, too. After all, we all started somewhere and the primary purpose of CurrencyManagers.com is to share knowledge amongst people with similar interests and an equal passion for FX.

With this in mind, I wish all members lots of fun and success in their work in the foreign exchange market and look forward to many stimulating discussions!

At the end a short word to avoid misunderstandings: All contributions of the administrators or the members of CurrencyManagers.com are only their personal opinion. Nothing on this website should be taken as investment advice. To make it clear: You invest at your own risk.